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HR Services Small Businesses Need!

We provide the following small business  HR solutions.

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  • Recruitment & Selection

  • Training 

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Forms

  • Administrative Support

Small Businesses

As a business owner, you can hold many functions and at times the process can be overwhelming. Keeping up to date with employments laws, hiring the right people, providing great customer service and having the time to do administrative work.  We saw there was a need to help the small business owner with superior HR services and/or by giving them the knowledge to successfully implement on their own.

Kejalo HR Consultants is a human resources consulting firm tailored to enhancing the goals of micro and small business owners. The Kejalo HR Consultants team have years of experience and certification in the areas important to small business success. Some of which are but not limited to human resource management, counseling, customer service and administrative support. We will ensure that you will have the tools to manage your business  by providing you with human resource services and knowledge for you to successfully run your business.

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